We Pay More for Your Car

For drivers in Pasadena, there are a lot of options available each day. No matter your taste buds, you’ll be able to find a restaurant that serves the cuisine you’re craving, and if you want to sell your Porsche car, you know that you can do that right here. Sure, Pasadena is known for its historical landmarks and posh neighborhoods, but our team is ready to do our part to uphold the image of our city. We want our customers to feel at home on our lot, and while you are here, we’ll give you the best experience possible.

Since we specialize in buying cars from our customers, you know that we have the experience necessary to get you the best price possible. In as little as 30 minutes, you can walk away with more money for your car than if you’d visited a car dealership. That means more cash for you to enjoy a spa day with friends or heading to the bookstores, antique shops, and farmer’s market. You’ve got a lot to do, and we don’t want to waste your time with haggling — we’ll give you more for your car than you would get elsewhere.

If you still owe money on your vehicle, have no fear because we can get you the best possible price for you and review the payoff amount so that you can get on with life. In 30 minutes or less, you’ll have one less thing to worry about, and whether you’re driving a Land Rover from the year 2000 or 2014, we’ll take a look at your vehicle.

Sell Us Your Vehicle & Get More

Getting more is always a good thing, and in a short amount of time, you can benefit from our extensive knowledge to get in and out fast. Not only are we able to get you the best price for your car, but we can also offer you a free Uber ride to your next destination. How many places do that? We believe that your Tesla has more value than others are willing to pay, and since we follow the KBB Instant Cash Offer process, you can rest assured that you’re getting top dollar for your car. You know that you can trust our assessment because we provide an up to date appraisal backed by Kelley Blue Book.

How Should You Prepare for Your Visit?

Our customers can come to see us ready with a few things, and they’re already things you have within arm’s reach. Having your title is a great first step, but if you cannot locate it, we can locate it for you. We have access to the California Department of Motor Vehicles records, which gives us the chance to still do business with you. To help you get moving fast, you should also bring registration, ID, and the keys or remotes with you when you visit us to shorten the length of time you spend here. We want you to get more for your luxury car, and to get you out the door fast, being prepared is the best thing you can do.

We give you fast and easy service that helps you to get more money for your Audi or Honda vehicle so you can enjoy your own busy life in Pasadena with less time spent dealing with people trying to give you less. Since we are not a dealership, we won’t try and talk you into another purchase, and we won’t try and offer you the lowest possible amount for your high-end vehicle. Your SUV is worth a lot more than most other places will offer you, but with us, we’ll give you more money for your car — fast. It’s so easy to take advantage of our expertise, so be sure to make an appointment for your appraisal.

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