How it Works



Make an appointment with a purchase coordinator for the nearest location to you.


Within 15 minutes of us inspecting the vehicle, you will receive our offer to purchase your vehicle.


When you accept our offer, we’ll complete all paperwork, give you a check today!


How Does BIDLANE Work?

Selling your car can seem like a complicated and overwhelming process. And at BIDLANE, we understand the hesitation. That’s why we’ve developed a better way to sell your car. Whether you’re from Irvine, Burbank or the surrounding area, you’ll find a BIDLANE near you with a team ready to help you on your automotive journey.

A Simple Process

Before you schedule your appraisal it’s likely that you have some questions, like how the process works. And we’ve got answers. At BIDLANE the automotive selling process boils down to three steps:


Make an Appointment:
Schedule your appointment and
start the process


Get an Offer:
Once you bring your vehicle in, you get in offer after a quick, but thorough inspection


Get Paid:
After you’ve accepted our offer, you’ll receive a check shortly after.

Experience BIDLANE Today

If you’re ready to sell your car, BIDLANE is ready to help. With an easy process, you’ll be able to get back to your life faster. When you bring your old vehicle in, a professional will inspect it. And then within 15-minutes, you’ll have an offer in your hand. You won’t have to worry about waiting around. Schedule your appraisal today, and get well on your way to selling your car.

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